Health2Holland Programme

For companies that have developed a solution in Digital Health and MedTech, and want to support people and health care organisations in unlocking innovative health interventions.

While there may be various examples of world class care in the Netherlands, the accessibility, availability and quality of health care are under pressure. The ageing population leads to an increasing number of people with a chronic disease and with multiple conditions. At the same time, the number of health care professionals is declining. The costs of health care continue to rise, to a level that it is no longer affordable.

The Netherlands is in need for effective and efficient interventions. Innovative approaches that increase the health of people and contribute to a sustainable health care system in the Netherlands.

The Health2Holland Programme is developed to lower the barrier to entry for innovative companies from abroad to introduce their solutions to the Netherlands. The Health2Holland Programme pairs knowledge sharing with network building, the two crucial elements of successful international expansion.

In the first part of the programme, you will learn how the Dutch health care market is structured, which organisations play important roles and how reimbursement takes place. You will get to know the most important health ecosystems in the Netherlands, learn from the experiences of Dutch innovators and get insights from health care organisations and investors. The second part of the program enables you to meet with possible clients and stakeholders.

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