DRIVE Programme

For companies that have developed solutions that are related to mobility and transport, and want to support cities in their ambition to create sustainable and futureproof living conditions.

Cities face enormous challenges. Climate change and urbanization put the liveability of the city at risk. The growing number of inhabitants lead to an increasing number of movements. Smart and sustainable mobility solutions are therefore key to keep cities an attractive place to live.

Dutch cities are no stranger to these challenges. In the Netherlands too, there’s a need for innovative solutions that enable people to move around in a safe, healthy and sustainable way. Positive and engaging solutions that lead to cleaner transport movements and lower CO2 emissions.

The DRIVE Programme is developed in a collaboration between Dutch public and private organisations. It lowers the barrier to enter the Dutch market for companies that have developed relevant solutions. The DRIVE Programme pairs knowledge sharing with network building, the two crucial elements of successful international expansion.

The first phase of the DRIVE Program focusses on knowledge building for the participants. After the first phase you will have gained critical knowledge about the market structure, key clients and the way they operate to scout, create and procure solutions. You will be aware of relevant trends, critical requirements and where to look for opportunities. In the second phase of the programme offers you the possibility to meet potential clients and stakeholders. The programme supports you in preparing these meetings. After the second phase, you will find yourself on pole position for entering the Dutch market successfully.

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