3 tips to make the most of our Health2Holland Programme

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The Health2Holland Programme will kick off next month. It offers several opportunities to connect innovative healthcare companies with Dutch clients and stakeholders but how do you ensure you make the most of the programme? Here are our top 3 tips:


Join the sessions

Key to our online masterclasses is that we have a limited amount of participants. So there is plenty of room to unmute, ask questions and discuss. It makes a real difference compared to listening passively. It may seem like stating the obvious, but from experience we can say that it’s not.



Preparing helps. You will receive some reading suggestions from us before each masterclass. Check them, and feel free to use the internet – that´s what it´s for… Preparing helps you to formulate questions and to be actively involved in the sessions. If you visit the ICT & Health trade show and participate in the meetings we organise – prepare for those meetings as well. And yes, we will be happy to help you with that, so you can maximise the results.


Ask for help

That last bit is also a third tip in itself: ask for help. As we are a mission driven group of people, we will go to great lengths to make you successful. So feel free to ask for help before, during and after the Health2Holland Programme.


Ready to join or interested to know more? We are happy to send you our brochure or set up a call to discuss how we can help you: https://branchunlimited.com/programmes/health2holland-programme/

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