With the slogan “Smart Mobility, Dutch Reality”, the Netherlands is leading the way in smart, clean and safe mobility. And not only because of its unmet cycling infrastructure, the widely available open mobility data, or the fast-paced rollout of intelligent traffic lights. On top of that there are a collaborative culture and the sense for innovation that create a whole new world of possibilities. The Netherlands is thus a great place for innovative companies to develop, test and introduce new solutions.

WeCity and Branch Unlimited offer a unique opportunity for companies that want to know more about this movement. We will provide you with an overview of why the Netherlands is a great place to scale up to, the latest mobility developments in the Netherlands and upcoming opportunities. Is your company already successful in offering mobility solutions and do you want to grow your business internationally? Then this webinar is for you! WeCity and Branch Unlimited will bring you up to speed on Wednesday 19 January from 16:00 – 17:00.

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