On Tuesday 15 February 2022, Branch Unlimited organised an interactive webinar together with our partner the German-Dutch Chamber of Commerce. The webinar, that was attended by twice as many participants as expected, combined theory and practice and was aimed at a select group of entrepreneurs who have the ambition to grow internationally. We gave an overview of the structure of and trends in the Dutch Health care market, and took a deep-dive into what to expect when you want to enter the Dutch Health market with an innovative solution.

The webinar contained an excellent panel discussion with entrepreneurs, including Branch Unlimited’s own Klaas Jan Bolt, who shared valuable lessons from their own experiences in introducing innovations. Some of our findings:

? The Netherlands is a great place to start when you want to conquer the European markets.
⏱ That being said, keep in mind that it always takes longer than you might think to launch your innovation in another country.
?? It is important to build your network in the Netherlands and get to know the most important stakeholders.

Curious to learn more about the Dutch healthcare market? Or interested in getting access to the Dutch health ecosystem? Feel free to drop us an email via info@branchunlimited.com.