As an ambitious entrepreneur

As an ambitious entrepreneur you know that the benefits of expanding internationally are endless. And that it also brings challenges. Challenges you have to prepare yourself for, because no matter the size of your company, an international expansion failure has a negative impact on existing operations.

How do you ensure that pursuing international growth is more than a leap of faith and still affordable?

To be successful in growing your business abroad it is vital to have a good understanding of the new market you want to enter. And to have access to the right network right from the start. This requires an expert local partner. A partner who advises you on the specific market dynamics and helps you to set up shop. Fellow entrepreneurs. And that’s us. Branch Unlimited.

Branch Unlimited develops go to market strategies, innovation partnerships and business development activities.

We have a clear focus and team up with companies on their way to success, across two domains:

  • Sustainability (energy transition, smart mobility, circular economy);
  • Health care (digital health, MedTech).

Within these domains, we focus on companies that are at the leading edge of their sector. Who offer solutions to the challenges of our time that deserve to be scaled quickly. Who have change and innovation in their DNA and who want to push their boundaries even further, also literally. If you fit this description, check our services for more information. If you would like to get an idea of our approach to the way we work together, take a look at this infographic.

Our Services

Our services are based on two simple principles. First: we offer you a one-stop-shop. Second: no surprises. This means that we offer you all the services you need to successfully enter the market. From market analysis to incorporation and business development. It’s up to you to decide if you want all of it, or specific parts of it. Our tailor-made packages will serve your need. Combined with our fixed fee tariff scheme, this means that you know exactly what you sign up for.


Some inspiration from the past.

Business launch & funding

Business launch & funding

A promising e-Health start up was looking for a launching customer and funding in the Netherlands. We introduced them to a partner who could contribute in both areas.  

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Business development

Business development

A successful European SaaS-startup in the energy-sector wanted to expand their business in the Netherlands and asked Branch Unlimited for help.  

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License to operate

License to operate

For a tech-consultancy firm, we performed a thorough competitive analysis and advised on the best approach to enter the Dutch market. Subsequently we took care of their ‘license to operate’ and set up the framework to get started. Within 6 weeks we handled the legal formalities, arranged the necessary interfaces (e.g. tax office, bank, Chamber […]

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Why the Netherlands

Here's why the Netherlands is the best spot to start from in Europe.


Global Connectedness Index


In English as a second language


Best country for business

Our Partnerships

Having boots on the ground in the Netherlands is one thing. Having boots on the ground in some of the most interesting European countries, makes it special.

We understand that, and that’s why we created a network of high-level partners, considerably lowering the threshold for further expansion in Europe. We value in our partners their ambitious and entrepreneurial mindset, and the fact that they are just as keen to help you to expand your business successfully as we are.

About the team

Branch Unlimited is a team of seasoned entrepreneurs. We have set up businesses and helped scale ups to take their next step. We walked the paths of digital transformation, health and smart city development.

During our journey we developed partnerships, collaborations and innovations, helped entrepreneurial ecosystems grow, and provided effective business coaching.

The backgrounds of our team members cover a broad spectrum, including business, ICT, marketing and legal. In addition, for each of our focal areas we (and thus you as our client) have an expert panel as a sparring partner and knowledge partner. Our team is united by our desire to help our clients overcome the barriers to international expansion and truly help them grow in the best possible way.

We do this by operating as a team at all times and tackling each project together, but foremost: we go the extra mile.